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SIMPLY JESSICA: Jamie Foxx: ‘A Story of A Dozen Roses’ album reaction

Hannah Sutton thought of her boyfriend, Paul as she listened to the single “Another Dose” by Jamie Foxx from his Hollywood album, “A Story of a Dozen Roses.” It wasn’t that she was into drugs, but it was the words from the song that made her crave Paul’s attention.

“’Another Dose’ is such an easy song to listen to,” Sutton said. “I feel so out of control sometimes. I’m always wanting to be with Paul.”

It’s the butterflies in her stomach that make Hannah giggle.

“I really relate to the words in the songs ‘Another Dose,’ ‘Jumping out The Window’ and ‘In Love by Now,’” Sutton said. “I play them over and over every morning when I’m getting ready for school.”

The 16-year-old singer-songwriter knows first hand how hard it is to write an album that every song is exceptional. She does not let her teen years keep her from listening to Foxx’s music.

“A lot of my friends don’t understand why I listen to songs from older artists,” Sutton said. “I learn a lot from them.”

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