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SIMPLY JESSICA: Jason Gedrick plays a serial killer on Amazon’s ‘Bosch’

This week I interviewed Jason Gedrick, who plays a serial killer on Amazon’s “Bosch.”

Jessica: What is the most difficult part about playing a serial killer?

Jason: The most difficult part is removing any sense of another serial killer you may have seen on another television show. I don’t want to imitate another actor’s performance. I work to find what is my exclusive version of it.

Jessica: What do you enjoy about playing Raynard Waits?

Jason: There are two things that is rewarding about this.

First: Being trusted to take on this responsibility.

It is a privilege that is God sent.

Second: If people had a limited perception of what I was capable of as an actor this allowed me to show what I could do. For example:

If someone asked the question: What actor will play Raynard Waits in the Michael Connnely books? I wouldn’t expect people to understand what kind of serial killer I might portray. Now that I have played the serial killer and people have responded by saying that I gave a chilling performance, I feel rewarded that I can expand my understanding of what I can do.

Jessica: Tell me about playing the serial killer George on Dexter!

Jason: George overestimates his position in this crime family.

What is fun about portraying George is that when he is told to do dirty things, he does not like anyone interfering.

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