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SIMPLY JESSICA: Kari Wahlgren talks about her video game voiceover career

Kari Wahlgren grew up in a small town in Kansas. Her days were filled with watching “Batman: The Animated Series.”

It was that animated series that inspired Wahlgren to move to Los Angeles in search of a career in cartoons. Her search led her to a career as a voiceover artist in more than 150 video games. She is currently in “Final Fantasy XV” as the voice of Aranea in the new “Square Enix” Game that was released Nov. 29 on Xbox One and PS4.

“Aranea is a missionary fighter for hire,” Wahlgren said. “She may or may not help the players. This is the first time that this character has appeared in this game. I’ve been in four final fantasy games.”

Wahlgren is not a great gamer but she loves voicing the characters.

How does this Kansas native make 150 voices stand out?

“I use clues from what I’m given,” Wahlgren said. “Sometimes I’m given a picture that helps me imagine how the character will sound.”

Wahlgren doesn’t think of them as different voices but as different characters. She approaches it from the acting side first, then voice.

“I like that voiceover work doesn’t limit you,” Wahlgren said. “I’ve enjoyed playing characters that I wouldn’t get to play on camera.”

Wahlgren voice talents can currently be heard as Starfire in “Justice League vs. Teen Titans,” Tigress in “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness,” Chloe Carmichael in “The Fairly Odd Parents,” Jessica in “Rick and Morty,” Jedi Female Knight in “Star Wars: The Old Republic” and Ashe in “Final Fantasy XII”. She will be returning to Rick and Morty beginning in February.

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