SIMPLY JESSICA: Lexy Kolker talks about working with Ryan Phillippe

Can I make myself cry at this very moment?

Lexy Kolker wondered as she watched actor Ryan Phillippe walk into the scene, catch his foot on the bottom step and tumble into the seat beside her. Phillippe was able to do it without thinking about it.

Phillippe has been acting since 1993. Kolker didn’t hesitate to show Phillippe that although she is only 7, she has the acting chops needed to do the scene with him.

Lexy was using the advice her older sister, Ava, had given her the night before. After all, it was Ava’s role on Disney’s “Girl Meets World” that had given Lexy the idea to pursue acting.

How hard could it be to think of something sad that would make you cry on cue? Ava had told Lexy that was the secret sauce that she needed in this scene with Phillippe. Lexy was about to film the kidnapped episode on USA’s  “Shooter.”

“Mary is brave like her dad,” Lexy said. “She’s not scared when she gets kidnapped because she knows that her dad will come for her.”

The second grader loves working with the seasoned Phillippe. She had not seen any of his movies prior to working with him.

Lexy Kolker

Lexy Kolker

“I really enjoy being Ryan’s little girl on the show,” Lexy said. “Mary is just like her father. She is brave and likes adventure. Ryan is a kind and sweet person in real life.”

Kolker, who loves to draw family pictures, is fitting right in.

“I love being around the cast because they never leave me out,” Lexy said. “I can’t wait to see them again for second season.”

Kolker also can be seen in the upcoming movie “The Little Mermaid.”

“I love mermaids,” Kolker added.” My favorite animal is a puppy.”

Kolker also likes helping animals find a good home.

She enjoys swimming and playing soccer with her sister, Ava, and loves painting her nails gold and wearing sundresses.

Her favorite food is Doritos. Her favorite book is “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.

She also hopes to book a cartoon in the near future.

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