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SIMPLY JESSICA: Marcus Scribner talks ‘Black-ish’ and ‘Star Wars’

Marcus Scribner plays Anthony Anderson’s son, Junior, on ABC’s “Black-ish.”

Jessica: How do you feel about the new “Star Wars” movie coming out?

Marcus: I’m excited to see it. I think it’s going to be awesome.

Jessica: What do you like about “Star Wars?”

Marcus: I love the light sabers and the force because if I could have any super power it would be telekinesis. I really love the samurai space feel of the movies.

Jessica: What is your favorite “Star Wars” movie?

Marcus: I like the first three because they have more of a genuine feel to them.

Jessica: Do you have a favorite from the original “Star Wars” movies?

Marcus: I can’t pick a favorite because all of them are really good.

Jessica: Do you have a favorite character from “Star Wars?”

Marcus: I like Jar Jar Binks because no one likes him.

I also like R2-D2. Let me show you my R2-D2 phone case.

Jessica: Who would be your dream character to play in “Star Wars?”

Marcus: If I could become a cybernetic robot, I would play General Grievous.

He is my favorite bad character. He is so cool with his arms and everything.

My other dream character to play is Darth Vader.

Jessica: Do you have a favorite line from the movie?

Marcus: Definitely! “Luke, I am your father!”

Simply Jessica
Simply Jessica

Jessica: How did you feel when you got the role over Anthony Anderson’s son?

Marcus: I went in for seven auditions. In one of my auditions, I saw Anthony Anderson’s son [Nathan]. I thought to myself, “Wow, that kid looks just like Anthony. I’m not going to get this role. When I got the call, I was like ‘yes.’”

Jessica: Do you have a favorite part about playing Anthony Anderson’s son?

Marcus: I love coming to the set everyday. It never feels like work.

Jessica: Do you have a favorite episode you have done so far?

Marcus: I enjoyed filming the pilot and the dozen.

Jessica: Are you more of a cool guy or a nerd off camera?

Marcus: I’m a nerd. I love video games, super heroes and comic books.

I hope that people will say that I’m a little bit of a cool guy.

Jessica: How is your style different than your television character?

Marcus:  I am a lot like Junior but my clothing style is different.

Jessica: How else are you different from your television character?

Marcus: Junior has three siblings to deal with. Lucky for me, I only have one.

Jessica: What is your favorite subject in high school?

Marcus: English and biology. I love science, and I’m good at English.

Jessica: What grade are you in?

Marcus: I am in ninth grade.

Jessica: What is your favorite food?

Marcus: My favorite food on the planet is chocolate-covered bacon.

Jessica: What is the inspiration behind your name?

Marcus: I am named after Marcus Aurelius.

Jessica: What is your favorite color?

Marcus:  Neon green

Jessica: How did you feel about auditioning for a show called “Black-ish?”

Marcus: It did not have a title when I auditioned for it.

It was called the untitled Anthony Anderson/Kenya Barris project.

Jessica: What did you think once you heard the title “Black-ish?”

Marcus: I thought it was weird until we started taping the episodes.

I like the title now because it fits the show. It gets our message across.

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