SIMPLY JESSICA: Masiela Lusha reprises role for ‘Sharknado Five’

Masiela Lusha didn’t know what to expect when she was offered the role as Fin Shepard’s cousin in “Sharknado Four.”

The only thing she knew was that the core of the series was about family and overcoming obstacles. Lusha hadn’t watched any of the other movies in the series. But that changed when she decided to watch all the films on Netflix.

The script had pulled her into this world but when a producer on the series told her that she could do her own stunts as Gemini Shepard. She was eager to do it.

“Sharknado 5” will premiere Aug. 6.

“I love that Gemini possesses a strength that I think a lot of women can relate to,” Lusha said. “She knows what her strengths and weakness are. No shark flying through the sky that is eight feet long is going to challenge her. ‘Sharknado 5’ explores the story in a way that none of the movies have.

“We explore technology and physics in a way that hasn’t been done in other Sharknado’s. We’re pushing our characters to the limit and to the point of no return.“

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