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SIMPLY JESSICA: Omar Miller travels to grand slam tennis tournaments

Omar Miller was looking to attend a tennis tournament in Miami. The tennis enthusiast called a friend of his in the tennis world.

Miller was on a break from shooting HBO’s “Ballers.” He plays Charles Greane, an NFL player who is searching for his next career. Miller’s friend asked him on the phone what was he currently doing in the lifestyle space.

He knew that Miller had hosted a travel series on Esquire Network. Miller sees exhaustion as the only downside to traveling.

“It’s tough to be all over the world because flights are long,” Miller said. “The up side is the rewards are through the roof. You get to see multiple cultures and how people live. I adopt pieces of the different cultures that I visit into my own life. It makes me a more layered person. There is a growth that I get out of traveling that I really love.”

The meeting led to Miller’s latest television show, “Advantage Omar.” Miller goes on the road covering the destination highlights of all four Grand Slam tournaments via the Tennis Channel.

Tennis has four events that take place in different parts of the world. The first event starts in January with the Australian Open.

The French Open is in Paris in June. In July, Wimbledon takes place in London.

The U.S. Open is in late August and early September in New York.

Miller jumped at the chance to create something innovative. He wanted to show tennis in a fresh manner for a younger audience.

“I hope that people will understand the value of travel,” Miller said. “The world is a big place and there are more things that connect us than divide us. I hope that as people watch my adventures that they are motivated to travel. I hope that I encourage people to try new things and to get out of their comfort zone in their daily lives.”

Omar Miller has a new television show, ‘Advantage Omar, on the Tennis Channel.
(Courtesy photo)

Miller is not quick to pin down a memorable place that he has traveled to. He is quick to tell me to be more specific with my question.

“I’ve had wonderful memories traveling all over the world,” Miller said. “I need a more specific question than that to be able to answer you. I just had a memorable trip in Paris.”

“Advantage Omar” is scheduled to have 20 episodes in it.

The show debuted in early June.

“You should expect more exploration as I present the best of London and the best of Paris through the eyes of someone who likes to take the non-traditional route,” Miller said. ”I like to try different stuff and show you what a trip with me is like. If you’re interested in seeing how a celebrity and a sports fan travels then you will be able to see that in the upcoming episodes. There will be a lot of adventure, cool personalities and celebrities. I am excited about this to be honest.”

In addition to “Advantage Omar,” Miller does a video and audio podcast called the “O-Zone.” It showcases celebrity opinions on sports from different cities. It airs on LeBron James Uninterrupted channel.

Season three of “Ballers” will premiere on July 23.

“‘Ballers” expands into multiple cities,” Miller said. “The show has gotten bigger. People will be interested to see what will unfold this season with all the different characters as they balance daily life.”

You can visit the following link to see Advantage Omar:

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