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SIMPLY JESSICA: Ricardo Hurtado talks about his love of music

Actor Ricardo Hurtado is learning music in different languages. He speaks Spanish and English. He has been singing the cover songs of Spanish songs that bring him inner peace.

“I love Spanish rock,” Hurtado said. “I enjoy the cool rhythms.”

He sings, composes his own music and plays the guitar and drums.

Hurtado, 16, can be currently seen as Freddy, the bad boy drummer of his high school rock band on Nickelodeon’s “School of Rock” based on the 2003 Jack Black comedy movie of the same name.

“Freddy is the cool kid that everything evolves around,” Hurtado said. “He is always breaking the rules. He loves having a good time. He wants the other kids to relax and break the rules with him.”

Hurtado describes himself as laid back and confident.

He was born in Miami. He moved to Atlanta when he was 1 and spent his formative years growing up in Georgia.

“I know who I am,” he added. “I relate to Freddy a lot because we are similar and different in many ways. I am a southern gentleman who was raised to say ‘mam and sir’ when I talk to people.”

Ricardo Hurtado, left, and the rest of the cast of 'School of Rock.' (Courtesy photo)
Ricardo Hurtado, left, and the rest of the cast of ‘School of Rock.’ (Courtesy photo)

Hurtado has been called an old soul because of his love for old things. He loves old movies and listening to old music from the 1950s.

“I’m old fashioned,” Hurtado said. “I like that time period because most of the songs created in that time period have a good message and those songs have a lot of soul to them and a good vibe.”

This only child uses his music to be closer to God.

“I’m a Christian,” Hurtado added. ”My main goal in life is to be as close as I can be to God. I want to influence others to have a close relationship with God through my music.”

A gospel song is not the only way to praise God. Hurtado believes a positive vibe in a song is another way to express your love to God. He has written two songs that express his feelings in the moment.

His first song was made for God.

“I didn’t give my first song a name because I didn’t write it to show it to anyone but me,” Hurtado said. “My second song was when I was heartbroken about a girl. I wrote a song asking why you are you so mean to me? It was called ‘Baby I Need You.’”

The teen songwriter comes from a musical family. His father is currently pursuing a degree in music from the University of Georgia.

“Everyone on my dad’s side of the family is a musician,” Hurtado said. “My dad grew up playing piano and my uncle plays the guitar.”

Hurtado’s favorite color is green.

His favorite musician is James Taylor.

He loves to eat Mexican food.

He loves playing video games with his cousins, hanging out with friends, going to the movies and visiting amusement parks.

He hopes to visit Disneyland in the near future.

Hurtado closed my interview with him by singing me a song in Spanish and English. He plans to put out an album in the future.

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