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SIMPLY JESSICA: Ryan Kennedy discusses his role in Amazon’s ‘Tin Star’

It’s 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. Actor Ryan Kennedy sits in his home, ready to answer my questions about his Amazon television show “Tin Star.”

Kennedy has just cooked a sirloin steak, sautéed potatoes and a salad. It sounds really good and healthy to me but Kennedy calls it his routine food that he is sick of.

We laugh at the comment about the food. I pull up my list of questions on my MacBook Air that I emailed over to Kennedy earlier in the week. I’m a bit nervous about the interview.

I hope that my questions are insightful and that they will entice Kennedy to be open in his interview.

I ask Kennedy if he has had a chance to look them over.

“I didn’t have a chance to look at the questions, but no worries about that,” Kennedy said. “Thank you for sending them anyway. It has been a little bit crazy and I’m about to leave town so it’s been burning a candle at both ends.”

I’ve spent the week being excited about sitting down with Kennedy. I’m eager to talk about “Tin Star,” a television show that is unique with an awesome setting.

I listen to Kennedy tell me what “Tin Star” is about in his own words the way a child listens to a librarian read a story in the library. My brown eyes are focused, attentive and following along with every word as it travels from Kennedy’s mouth to the tip of my earlobes.

Ryan Kennedy

“’Tin Star’ is an epic revenge thriller,” Kennedy said. “It is very weird, dark and strange in a very beautiful setting. It is intense and it’s all about revenge but in an odd way it is also a love story.”

Tim Roth stars as Jim Worth, a British ex-patriot who serves as the police chief in a tranquil Canadian Rockies town called Little Big Bear; a radically new locale to which he brought his family in search of a better life.

However, that objective is shattered after a member of his family is mysteriously murdered. Jim goes on an obsessive, vengeance-fueled quest to nab the culprit.

Kennedy is a quiet eater. He speaks slowly so I can be sure to understand him as he eats his dinner. I have watched the pilot. I’m hooked on the show. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in the coming episodes. Kennedy assures me that the show will be getting darker and darker.

I’m a nerd for nice local boys who grow up in a small town with nothing to do so as you can imagine I’m in love with Ryan’s character. He plays Nick McGillen, a deputy in the Canadian police department.

“Nick is a local boy in a town where not a lot happens,” Kennedy said. “He is from a beautiful place near the Canadian Rockies. He is content in his peaceful existence. Nick likes to go fishing and hang out with his friends.

“He’s just an average guy who finds himself in a storm of chaos when Tim Roth’s character comes to town and starts messing everything up for everybody.”

Canada is on my list of places that I must travel to one day. “Tin Star” shows some of the beautiful scenery that Canada has to offer, making me want to visit even more.

“It’s a different show because it is a beautifully shot show,” Kennedy said. “It has an epic, driven storyline that ends up veering off into these strange places with weird characters and weird moments.”

Kennedy thinks the show is beautiful because of the location. He admits that “Tin Star” is not a glossy show.

“Tin Star is raw and rugged,” Kennedy said. “We don’t pretty up the cast and make them look sexy. I really like how raw the show is. It is driven and weird and that is what makes it different than a lot of television out there today.

Kennedy was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.

“Canada is a beautiful place that is full of a lot of good people,” Kennedy said. “Where I grew up isn’t known for its scenery, but more for the people because the people are polite, kind and charitable.”

“One of my favorite childhood memories is watching the Blue Jays, the only Canadian baseball team, win the World Series back to back in 1992 and 1993.”

Ryan Kennedy

Kennedy has lived in Los Angeles for six years.

He lost his Canadian accent because he worked hard at losing it so he could get more work as an actor. He has to re-capture his Canadian accent for “Tin Star.” I became so fascinated about Kennedy’s childhood in Canada that I want to learn what childhood advice does he apply to his acting life today.

“Believe what you say or no one else will believe it,” Kennedy said. “That applies to acting and in life.”

Kennedy is such an easy person to talk to that you become engrossed in him as he speaks. I find myself wanting to get as much life advice from him as I can get.

He tells me that the best advice he ever got in life was to be careful about the snow that you eat. He chuckles a bit as he says this.

“I’m from Canada, so don’t eat yellow snow is poignant advice,” Kennedy said. “I still take that advice really serious today. If there is yellow snow, then I’m not eating it. I have held on to that one.”

“I won’t go into graphic details but if it isn’t white then don’t eat it,” Kennedy said. “Keep your eye on the ball. My grandfather used to tell me that when I was a kid playing baseball. Stay focused on your goals and apply that to everything in life. And don’t eat yellow snow.”

Kennedy is such a comedian. I’m having a blast talking to him. I tell him in between pauses that he should try his hand at comedy. He shrugs off the comment by telling me what he likes most about playing his character on the show.

“Nick is an avid gum chewer and I am an avid gum chewer,” Kennedy said. ”You never get to chew gum on camera. This was a real delight to chew gum on carmera.”

Kennedy’s favorite gum is Trident Tropical Twist.

I’m curious to know what is the most challenging thing for Kennedy about playing his character on the show.

“The police belt that I wear is really challenging,” Kennedy said. “It is a police belt that feels like a human Swiss army knife. I have the baton, the gun, the handcuffs and a radio on the belt. It is so annoying and awkward to wear that between takes. Whenever I would sit down, either the gun or the taser would end up catching on the side of the chair and it would throw me off the chair and send me to the chiropractor.”

I feel sad when Kennedy tells me this, but my mood changes when Kennedy tells me that “Tin Star” will have a season two.

“I want viewers after they watch season one to crave season two,” Kennedy said. “I want people to walk away from the show thinking what the heck did I watch and I want more.”

My fascination with Kennedy does not end there. I wonder what type of music does he listen to.

“If the music has a great beat, a beautiful voice and the lyrics are not stupid then I’m in,” Kennedy said. “Some stupid lyrics I like but they have to be stupidly funny. I love blues, rock, alternative, folk and hip-hop is good.”

I’m not a big animal lover but I find myself wondering what kind of animal would keep Kennedy’s attention.

He laughs at me for asking him an animal question.

Kennedy does not have a favorite animal. He likes any animal that is friendly and smells acceptable. I push it further by asking Kennedy what animal would he voice in an animated show.

“I would voice a very frustrated hedgehog,” Kennedy said. “If he’s constipated then I can play that because I can sound frustrated.”

Kennedy is not one to describe himself. He allows me to throw out different words that he will say yes or no to.

“I would let other people describe me and then be offended by their description,” Kennedy said. “I’m picky and I’m obsessive, which means I’m particular and obsessive. When I’m working on something, I obsess over it.”

I am intrigued by how often Kennedy talks about his grandfather and father. I can tell that his grandfather and father had a huge impact on his life.

“My mom and dad had a huge impact on my life because they raised me,” Kennedy said. “I now tell dad jokes and it makes my friends walk in the other direction.”

Kennedy now sneezes like his father.

“I sneezed like my dad the other day,” he added. He has a very distinctive sneeze and we as kids used to mock him about that sneeze.”

I assure Kennedy that becoming our parents is a part of life.

“I always heard that my whole life that we become our parents,” Kennedy said.” I used to say that is not going to happen and now I’m exactly my dad.”

Be sure to check out season one of “Tin Star” on Amazon Prime Video. The show premiered Sept. 29.

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