SIMPLY JESSICA: Simon Marcel Badinter discusses his new talk show

January 6, 2017

Simon Marcel Badinter loves to laugh and he loves life.

Simon’s mother, Elisabeth Badinter, a feminist writer and philosopher, helped him find the joy of life. His grandfather, Marcel, taught him to live life to the fullest. Marcel emphasized to Simon the brevity of life.

Simon learned how to appreciate life from his grandfather, but it was his father, Robert Badinter, who helped France abolish the death penalty in 1981 and gave Simon the will to always dare in life.

Robert taught Simon three lessons that he continues to live by.

Lesson one: If you love life, then it will love you back. Lesson two: If you can’t say you’re sorry, then you’re not a man. And lesson three: Never quit fighting for what you want in life.

Simon decided as a teen in Paris that he would not let his thick French accent dictate how successful he would become in America.

He is the first syndicated French radio talk show host in the United States. His radio show, “Rendezvous with Simon Marcel and Kim Iverson,” offers insightful conversation where two friends, Kim and Simon, talk to listeners on the air about all the different aspects of dating, love, relationships, sex, breakups and online dating.

“We have a candid and honest conversation every night with our callers and listeners,” Simon said. “We are two friends, with our own experiences and our own insight about love.”

Simon loves working with Kim on their talk show.

“Kim is a very smart, beautiful woman with all the realism of an education and upbringing in Idaho,” Simon said. “I have the insight and romantic expectation from being raised and having lived the first 28 years of my life in Paris. We give advice and we ask our listeners questions. It’s a lot of fun to do the show.”

Simon, aka the French romance expert, will premiere his own talk show called “In Bed With Simon,” a relationship short-form series.

The first two-minute episode of “In Bed with Simon” premiered on Jan. 3 between 7 and 8 p.m. New episodes will air every Tuesday.

“We are thrilled to partner with iHeartRadio in this unique cross-promotional opportunity for both of our brands,” said Paul Greenberg, executive voce president and general manager of FYI and 45th & Dean.

“Simon is a charismatic and a credible talent who now joins the FYI family of relationship experts in his own series. His unique perspective on relationships is both smart and entertaining.”

FYI content will be infused across iHeartMedia properties and platforms and within Simon’s popular radio talk show, “The Rendezvous.” Talent from FYI and “In Bed with Simon” will also appear on “The Rendezvous,” creating full synergy between iHeartRadio and FYI.

“FYI and Simon will talk about relationship issues every day, which makes this the perfect match,” said John Sykes, president of Entertainment Enterprises for iHeartMedia. “Pairing these two allows both FYI and iHeartRadio the opportunity to expand our audience reach, while supporting each other’s programming.”

“In Bed with Simon” will talk about common relationship and romance issues faced by singles and couples in today’s dating world.

In each two-minute episode, Simon will be joined by real life couples plucked right off the streets, who are willing to be candid about romance and the headaches and heartaches of real relationships. Simon will host in a public setting in a signature branded bed.

The 47-year-old Simon became an American citizen in 2010.

Simon loves being an American citizen but he does miss his family. He takes English classes every Sunday and is having a blast in America with his two shows.

“It humbles me,” Simon said. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”

Simon comes from an advertising background.

He loves to play ping pong.

Simon is eager to share that Kevin Metheny gave him his radio break.

“It was Kevin that took a chance on me,” Simon said. “He allowed me to give my two cents on the air. My favorite thing about America is that everything is possible. We all have a chance here.”

Simon is Jewish and French. He loves reading books, the Wall Street Journal, and the local newspaper. He describes himself as a 47-year-old French dude who got lucky in America.

“Thank God for your blessings,” Simon said. “Forgive each other. We all deserve a second chance. We have to not forget that. If we can forgive then we can change. If we can’t forgive no one has a chance.”

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