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SIMPLY JESSICA: Thomas Barbusca chats about his Netflix show

Chris Caldwell’s  right side smarted from the punch from the car door and her left side hurt from landing on it. She sat for a moment letting the pain pulse, until it gradually decreased to a dull ache.

She realized it was a moment too long when she saw Tiffany Williams holding up her phone, the screen filled with a shot of her. Even worse! Underwear. Noooo!

She’d forgotten the matching pants the cheerleaders wore under their skirts to avoid exactly this situation. It rarely mattered where she was concerned, since she couldn’t do the tricks the other girls could.

She didn’t even want to be a cheerleader but her dad wanted her to.

“Please,”Chris protested, scrambling up and dusting off her skirt.

Everyone at Dover High School followed Tiffany on every possible social media platform available. And Tiffany was on every one.

The scene was straight out of Chris Caldwell’s 13-year-old life.

Perhaps it is the reason that she loved and hated the teenage bully named Drew in Coop’s cabin on the Netflix television show “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” played by 13-year-old Thomas Barbusca.

“Drew is a funny character,” Barbusca said. “My character is a trouble maker. I loved working with Paul Rudd. He is really funny.”

Barbusca followed in his sister’s footsteps to have an acting career.

“My sister has been my biggest influence,” he said. “It is fun running lines with her. We have a lot of fun together.”

The New Jersey native likes California’s weather better.

He has been in Los Angeles for five years. He is eager to visit New Jersey again soon, but each time that he tries to visit his hometown, he or his sister books an acting role.

“Tommyboy” is his nickname that his mother and sister call him.

Tommyboy dreams of a movie collaboration with Leo DiCaprio.

“I just finished watching ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,’” Barbusca said. “Leo is awesome in it. I would love to do any movie with Leo.”

The “Dark Knight” is his favorite movie because he loves superheroes.

He loves homemade pizza that his mother makes for him.

He can next be seen in AMC’s “Preacher” as Chris Schenk.

“’Preacher’ was really cool,” he said. The show is based on a comic book series. I went to New Mexico for two weeks.”

That led to Barbusca being directed by actor Seth Rogen.

“I also worked with Dominic Cooper,” he said.

Barbusca has enjoyed all  his acting experiences.

But for 13-year-old Chris Caldwell, she continues to enjoy loving and hating the bully role that Barbusca plays on “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” because it gives her a tiny bit of control over her real-life bully.