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SIMPLY JESSICA: Vivian Nixon launches Fit Program at Debbie Allen Dance Academy

Vivian Nixon will not rest until she uses dance to inspire people.

The 31-year-old daughter of actress, singer, dancer, choreographer, television director Debbie Allen is taking her position as associate director at Debbie Allen Dance Academy seriously.

“I am happy with what I have done with my dance life,” Nixon said. “It is now about sharing what I have learned in dance with others.”

It is that determination that has prompted this dancer to start a fitness program at the academy that she has named DADA Fit.

“DADA Fit Program is an addition to our open class program,” Nixon said. “It promotes fitness within our community.”

The classes incorporate dance and fitness into each of them.

My favorite class is Make Me Sweat, taught by Derrick Garcia.

It is an aerobics fitness class that features music and dance styles from across the globe. It is open to all fitness levels.

The DADA fitness classes are $12 each.

The schedule is: Mondays, Abs & Glutes; Tuesdays, Twerk Tuesdays; Wednesdays, Yoga Flow; and  Thursday, Make Me Sweat. All classes are from 7:15 to 8:15 p.m.

Like her mother, Nixon is an accomplished dancer and actress.

She has done numerous film and television roles.

DADA Fit began as a day program with the goal of targeting stay-at-home mothers, business owners and people with a flexible schedule.

“It was launched on a trial run as a fitness program during the day but we now have integrated the fitness schedule into our open class schedule,” Nixon said. “We have classes throughout the evening.”

The creative director of the DADA fitness program sees it as a way to develop a well-rounded performer because the academy offers vocal and acting training. Nixon wants DADA Fit to get people to be inspired and motivated to work out.

“It is about health and wellness,” Nixon said. “Our target audience is anybody that wants to work out, be surrounded by good energy and have fun while doing it.”

It is the love of dance that makes Nixon smile.

“Dancing makes me happy,” she said. “It makes me smile.”

Another thing that makes Nixon smile is working with Debbie Allen.

“My mom has created this amazing school,” she said. “I learn everyday from the teachers that she has hired.”

You can hear the pride in her voice when she talks about her mother.

“My mom is a highly respected amazing woman who we all look up to,” Nixon said. “But because I am her daughter, if I see something that needs to be addressed then I’m not scared to talk to her about it.”

It is that confidence that Nixon learned from her mother that helps her work alongside her mother at the academy.

“The greatest lesson that I learned form my mom is do not ever stop promoting,” she said. “My mom is a walking poster. I love it.”

Nixon loves being her mother’s eyes and ears at the academy.

She has a creative license to adjust or help in anyway that she can.

Nixon is finding the balance with working with her mom.

She moved back in with her parents about a year ago.

“I moved back home from New York,” Nixon said. “This is the first time that we have had to navigate an adult relationship in the same location. We are finding a balance. I think we almost have it down.”

Nixon loves self-help books. She sees herself as a work in progress.

“I am passionate about love,” Nixon said. “But my favorite thing is mentoring the kids at the academy.”

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