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SIMPLY JESSICA: Zac Pullam talks about becoming Indiana Jones in real life

Teen actor Zac Pullam wants to be Indiana Jones in real life.

He plans to major in archaeology at Stanford University.

Harrison Ford inspired Pullam to pursue this dream.

“Stanford has an amazing archaeology program,” Pullam said. “I want to find lost artifacts and go to ancient cities. I want to be remembered in the history books as doing archaeology discoveries.”

He hopes that children will think his adventures are cool.

“When they read about me after I have gone into the great beyond, I hope I inspire other kids to be an actor or an archaeologist or do whatever they dream to be in life,” he said.

He was born Sept. 7. His astrology sign is  Virgo.

The Florida native started his acting career in Atlanta.

It all began when Pullam found out that Florida State University had a film school that allowed him to be in student short films.

“I want to be Indiana Jones for a living,” Pullam said. “That’s the reason I did short films at FSU. It has kept me going as an actor.”

He came to Los Angeles in January 2013 to pursue an acting career.

He was 13 when he realized that he wanted to attend college. He is an avid reader reading three to four books a month. His favorite book is “Sasquatch” by Roland Smith.

He also enjoys reading the Indiana Jones novels.

This teen actor enjoys the comedy part to acting.

“I’m a comedy guy,” he said. “I find dramatic acting to be hard.”

Pullam played Grant on MTV’s “Finding Carter” from 2014 to 2015.

This adventure seeker loves riding his penny board.

A penny board is a plastic skateboard that is known as a short cruiser. Pullam was hooked after riding his best friend’s penny board. He owns two penny boards. He doesn’t do skating tricks.

“Penny boards go fast and they are smooth to ride,” Pullam said. “I like them better than regular skateboards because I can cruise on it.”

The 15-year-old adventurer also enjoys writing.

He started a screenplay in 2012 and finished it in 2015.

“I think about scenes that I want to be in,” Pullam said. “I have a lot going on in my mind, so I write it out as a book or a script.”

He is quick to say that he has no desire to be a writer or a director, but he has written skits for his friends that he has directed and edited.

“I like the idea of coming up with anything and if someone thinks it is a great idea then they can make it into a movie,” Pullam added. “I love directing because you can tell someone what you envision.”

Pullam loves being in control of his friends when they are filming short movies. He plans to act until he is 18 years old then he plans to attend college to pursue his archaeologist dream.

It was the behind the scenes footage of the Indiana Jones movie that made Pullam want to be Harrison Ford.

In the script that Pullam has written, the character mentions Indiana Jones in the screenplay. Pullam envisions himself in the role.

He is currently writing number two. He plans to write four more.

Pullam loves being outdoors. His favorite places are the beach and the woods. He loves the smell of salt water and the sand at the beach.  He loves listening to the woods wake up and the birds flying by.

“It is peaceful being in the woods,” Pullam said. “I love it so much.”

He also loves free diving and surfing.

The hunter and fisherman plans to get certified for scuba diving.

He currently hunts and loves to go fishing with his father, Allen.

This only child loves swimming with friends and riding his bike up and down Anna Maria Island when he is home.

Pullam admits that his adventures get him in trouble here and there with his mother. He adopted a dog name Tippi. Paige, a foster that helps dogs find homes, found Tippi on the side of the streets.

Tippi got her name because when she gets excited, she prances around on her tippy toes. It was when Tippi licked Pullam under his chin that he decided to adopt her in March 2013.

The two people that have influenced him the most in life are Steve Irwin ( the late “Crocodile Hunter”) and Harrison Ford.

Pullam is passionate about raising awareness on leukemia.

A family friend was diagnosed with it when she was 6.

Pullam wants people to remember him as the kid who started on a television show that ended up becoming what he wanted to become.

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