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South Gate to appoint treasurer’s replacement

SOUTH GATE — The City Council will seek applications from residents interested in the job of city treasurer, an elected part-time position which pays $7,200 a year. Council members unanimously approved the plan Feb. 24.

Applicants must be over 18, residents of South Gate and U.S. citizens.

The council set a deadline of March 21 to submit applications to the city clerk’s office in City Hall, 3650 California Ave. The prospective candidates, once their eligibility is confirmed, will be invited to do a five-minute presentation before the council April 21 on why they should be selected, City Manager Michael Flad said.

The council, by a majority vote, will select a replacement for current City Treasurer Maria Belen Bernal, who has been elected to the City Council and will be sworn in at the regular council meeting April 14, Flad said.

The appointee will serve the remaining two years in the term of Bernal, who was elected in March 2013.

Also sworn in will be incumbents Jorge Morales and Maria Davila. They and Bernal were the only candidates to file for the March 3 election to fill three vacancies.

Mayor Henry C. Gonzalez, after serving 26 years on the council, did not seek re-election. The general election was canceled.

In a written report to the council, Management Analyst Richard J. Luna said other options would be a special election costing about $120,000 or leaving the post vacant for two years until the next city election in March 2017.

While city code does not address filling a vacant elected position, state law requires the council to either set a special election or appoint someone to the position within 60 days of the vacancy, Luna said.

Applicants must fill out a questionnaire listing such information as name, residence, employment, whether he or she is a registered voter and how many years they have they lived in South Gate. They also must submit a letter of interest, a biography and a resume, Luna said.

The appointed person also will have to fill out a statement of economic interest, including financial history, a business or real property in the city.

Certain personal information will be kept confidential, Luna added.