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South Gate to lease water rights to Compton

SOUTH GATE — The city will lease 2,000 acre feet of water a year for three years to the city of Compton under an agreement approved by the South Gate City Council Jan. 26. An acre foot is about 300,300 gallons.

The Compton City Council approved the purchase Dec. 22.

South Gate Public Works Director Arturo Cervantes said the agreement will generate up to $1.050 million to the South Gate Water Fund.

The revenue is based on a charge of $170 per acre foot the first year, $175 per acre foot the second year and $180 the third year, Cervantes said.

He explained that South Gate has the right to pump 11,183 acre feet of water a year from the Central Basin, but needs only 7,800 acre feet for city needs. After leasing water rights to Rockview Dairy and the private Park Water Company,  South Gate still has an excess of $3,406 acre feet a year in the basin.

Cervantes said other uses for excess water include storage in the basin for future use. However, if the city’s excess water rights exceed 5,591 acre feet, (about 50 percent of its allocation) it would lose those rights.