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STREET BEAT: ‘What Black History Month events would you like to attend?’

Compiled by Dorany Pineda in Koreatown.

Mikey Eugenia White
Santa Clarita
“I think I would like to attend something that actually earmarks the challenges of black culture in Los Angeles and possibly the demographic of myself: a single mother with a special needs child, non-visible special needs.”
Daniel Griffin
Cypress Park
“If I could, I would go to a film festival. I’m hoping to get a job as a storyboard to do a thing on Charlotte Sophia, the wife of King George.”
Izumi Rosas
“I haven’t really thought about it. … I went to the ‘Black Panther’ world premiere and it was everything.”
Caroline Hamlet Licea
“I don’t know so much about the black history events in Los Angeles but I hope that I could get some feedback from newspapers and maybe on the internet, and from friends that I’ll find out what they are.”