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STREET BEAT: ‘Is the city doing enough to address gentrification?’

Compiled by Dorany Pineda in Koreatown.

Lily Love Hostetter
South Los Angeles
“No because where I was living at, I at least got three months to move. … But I saw some people have to leave in a cart out of the projects.”
Taylor McDonald
West L.A. “Not too much. I don’t think the city really cares at this point. Everybody just wants money, just business. That’s all it is.”
Belal Sherief
“I don’t think gentrification is that much of a problem. … Certain places rise in value, other places drop in value. That’s just the cycle. People move around. It’s the market.”
Izzy Johnson
Columbus, Ohio
“I’d say no. … In the past, L.A. has been pretty crappy to communities of color and has definitely pushed people out, like with Dodger Stadium. That was a neighborhood that was basically demolished to make room for a baseball stadium.”
Stephanie Constanza
Ventura County
“No. … I think that they always concentrate on the areas that have more money and they always try to make those areas better. While the areas with lower-income people, they don’t really address the issues that are around…”