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STREET BEAT: ‘Is the entertainment industry becoming more inclusive?’

Compiled by Dorany Pineda in Leimert Park.


Jazmine Stewart
Leimert Park
“Yes and no. … The only reason why [the entertainment industry] is becoming inclusive is because more people are speaking up about it.”
Davion Cok
“In a way, yes, but in other ways no. For African Americans, it’s starting to become more [inclusive], but I feel like maybe we could see other ethnicities too, not just blacks. … Asians, Hispanics, Indian.”

Wayne Bourgeois
South Los Angeles
“Yes, I would say yes, but there’s still too much violence in the entertainment world.”
Los Angeles
“Yes. I really appreciate the realism that I’m seeing in more music videos, just as far as the differences of people … different races, mixtures of races, sexualities, lifestyle preferences, and they’re actually starting to represent more of what I see everyday instead of just this ideal, Hollywood, polished view of humans.”
James Williams
“There’s always been different ethnicities in music from day one. … I think now, there might be a little more [inclusivity] since ‘Black Panther’ came out. There are more movies with [people of] color in them.”