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STREET BEAT: ‘What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year?’

Compiled by Dorany Pineda in Koreatown.

Ricardo Sanabria
Los Angeles
“I don’t really pay attention to the commercials in the Super Bowl anymore because you can watch them ahead of time so it defeats the purpose of watching for the commercials…. In particular, I probably liked the Mountain Dew and the Doritos one [because of] the scenery.”
Marlon McLeod
“The one with Cardi B because it was just funny. … It was the Amazon thing.”
Darnell Phillips
“Probably the T-Mobile commercial just because it could’ve went either way. … It could’ve been racial, it could’ve been a lot of things.”
William Choxom
Panorama City
“The new Avengers movie. That’s something that’s been tingling every time I see it. … That’s something that I want to see.”