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STREET BEAT: ‘Has Bill Cosby’s conviction changed your opinion of him?’

Compiled by Dorany Pineda at L.A. Live.

Israel Salazar
Cypress Park
“At his age, I don’t think he cares much about it because he’s already old enough. … But I think 10 years is nothing for what he did.”
Crystal Berry
Los Angeles
“I’m kind of on the fence about it because it could be true or it might not be true. But the main question I have is … why did they wait so long to come forward?”
James Elms
“I used to enjoy his comedy. … It makes it hard to enjoy him and laugh at all the stuff he’s done. It’s very disappointing.”
Alea James
“It hasn’t changed since the accusations. I totally believe them [the women]. I believe he did it.”
Mr. Bill
Redondo Beach
“It has not changed my opinion of him. … I think it’s a conspiracy really.