STREET BEAT: ‘What is the most important issue for women in 2018?’

January 26, 2018

Compiled by Dennis J. Freeman in downtown Los Angeles.

Camille Sauciay
Los Angeles
“I think the major issue comes down to respect. … I think there is a notion that women can’t achieve the same things as men. Growing up, I never thought that would be an issue, but I’ve come to experience that in the workplace myself.”

Lindsey Zihari
Long Beach
“The person that is in the White House today. It’s just not right.”

Alexandra Stanley
Los Angeles
“Pay equality. … I’m a working woman and the pay gap is enormous in every industry in the USA. That is unacceptable.”

Gordon Bruce-Severance
San Louis Obispo
“I think the critical thing is women need to be compensated equally in the workplace as men. … We need to move into the 21st century, and give women equal rights.”

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