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STREET BEAT: ‘Should a school superintendent have an education background?’

Compiled by Dorany Pineda at L.A. Live.


Synthia Escobedo
“I would think so because [the superintendent] needs to know what the teachers do, what they went through, what their education was…”
Angelina Frias
San Fernando Valley
“Yeah, of course. If they’re going to be in charge of education, they should know a little something about it. That’s obviously important.”
Rashad Davis
Downtown L.A.
“Hell yes. If they’re going to be involved in schools doing policy, they should know what students go through. They should study education in college. … There’s so many things going on, especially in underprivileged schools.”
Alonzo Rodriguez
San Fernando Valley
“I think they should know about how to run a district of education, if they’re going to be in charge of it. They should know what’s necessary in education and have at least a little background…”
Michelle Roque
“Yes. … They have to know what the needs are of the community and the students and the environment. … [U,S, Secretary of Education] Betsy Devos is a perfect example of why we need someone in education handling education.”