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STREET BEAT: What can we do to improve the environment?

Justin Ifekwunigwe

Baldwin Hills 

“Start talking with the younger generations. As they get older, all of our leftover trash is left with them. It starts with you and teaching people about the problems of the environment.”

Zarian Hadley


“Be more green, don’t leave on the lights, don’t excessively run water and stop littering. Use the trash can.”

Annette Thomas

Los Angeles

“We should all be throwing our trash away correctly. Los Angeles has a reputation for being clean and we need to keep it like that.”

Donielle Tyler

Los Angeles 

“I recycle, try to pick up trash when I see it. I don’t litter, reuse bags and try not to buy so much bottled water.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.