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Students donate old books to help local preschoolers

CULVER CITY — Three Linwood E. Howe Elementary School fifth graders looked at the books they had outgrown gathering dust on the shelves and decided they could put them to better use.

So Jasmine Martinez, Andrea Mazarigo and Emily Kawano organized a book drive to benefit preschool students at the Culver City Unified School District’s Office of Child Development.

“A bunch of us had extra books that we used to read, but we don’t anymore,” said Kawano, who helped organize an event earlier this month where preschool students got to pick as many as seven books to take home for free.

The gently used books were put on display for the preschoolers in the Lin Howe Cafeteria and the children’s eyes lit up as they roamed throughout the room selecting their new treasures.

“Their faces were like, ‘Wow!’” Kawano said.

For some of the preschoolers, economic circumstances make it difficult to build a home library.

The book drive, in which hundreds of books were collected from Lin Howe students who had outgrown them, helped the preschoolers get a head start in stocking their bookshelves at home.

“We wanted to help the community because it has always helped us,” Mazarigo said. “I heard one parent say they wanted to buy books, but they couldn’t. Now, they have them.”