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Former Sheriff Baca convicted of obstructing justice

LOS ANGELES — Ex-Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca was convicted March 15 of obstruction of justice and two other federal charges for orchestrating a scheme to thwart an FBI investigation into inmate mistreatment in the jails he ran and of lying to the bureau. After about two days of deliberations, a jury found that…

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Former Sheriff Baca diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

LOS ANGELES — Former County Sheriff Lee Baca, who admitted lying to federal investigators during an FBI probe of corruption in the jail system, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, according to court documents filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Despite the diagnosis, however, prosecutors ask in the document that Baca still be sentenced to…

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THE HUTCHINSON REPORT: Abuse turns up again in county jails

For nearly two decades, the Los Angeles County jails were virtually the nation’s poster jails for everything that could go wrong with and inside county jails. The allegations of prisoner beatings, suspicious suicides, torture, abusive searches and seizure of property, overcrowding and even the starvation of inmates, in the county jails were the subject of…

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