Target to Hire 8,000 New Los Angeles Positions for Upcoming Holiday Season

Target recently announced that it plans on hiring about 100,000 new workers in its stores and distribution and fulfillment centers across the country to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

According to the Daily Breeze, Los Angeles job seekers can expect to find 8,000 new positions opening up at Target locations within the city.

The company will be posting thousands of job listings for cashiers, food service workers, sales floor associates, back-room stockers, and much more.

One issue with these job offerings, however, is the amount of money Target plans on paying its new hires throughout the holiday season.

Roughly 53% of employed adults in the U.S. admit to feeling very refreshed after coming back from vacation, but Target employees may not be able to afford a late holiday season getaway this year. Target only plans on paying its new employees around $9 or $10, depending on the minimum wages of those locations.

Though the company declined to state how much each job will actually pay, Glassdoor.com — a site on which current and former employees anonymously review organizations and their management — states that the average wage for sales staff is $9.33 an hour, cashiers make $9.20 an hour, and stock workers are only compensated $9.10 an hour.

Southern California’s minimum wage will increase those hourly rates, but workers still won’t be too happy about the long, difficult work during the holiday season and only being paid near the national minimum.

CBS News states that earlier this year, Target announced its plan to spend $7 billion in major investments over the next few years, shelling out money for new stores, remodeling current buildings, and expanding its ecommerce operations — money that could otherwise be going to wages.

Following these announcements, and despite the uncertainties in regards to wages, Target’s stock shares rose nearly 3% to $59.43.