Opinion Street Beat

‘Ten years after his death, what is Michael Jackson’s legacy?’


Aleiyah Fowler

Los Angeles

“He’s a legend, the king of pop. Still to this day nobody has taken his spot. People are still influenced by this man and he’s one of the greatest entertainers, period.”

Will McCauley


“Everyone loves him. He’s not going to go out of style. He can always connect to every age group. You can always put on Michael Jackson and everyone will start moving.”

Javier Mosley

Los Angeles

“His legacy still lives on. His body of being a humanitarian, a philanthropist is what gave life to his legacy, after his passing.”

Cloletta Brown


“He is a kid that refused to grow up. He left behind that all youngsters need to let their dance steps take over when they’re young.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon and Pluria Marshall III at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.