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Time Warner to show South Gate games

SOUTH GATE — Although the city contract with Time Warner Cable expired last December, the cable TV channel will show 10 local high school football games this season under an agreement approved by City Council members sitting as the Public Access Corporation on Aug. 25.

Management Analyst Richard J. Luna, in a staff report, said TWC will film and show the games for $1,000 each on Channel 3, the South Gate cable channel through Dec. 30.

The games include four for South Gate High and South East High School plus three for Legacy High, a new school on Tweedy east of Atlantic.

The first televised game is expected to be St. Paul High School at South East High Sept. 11, Luna said.

He noted that Time Warner filmed the games for no charge during its contract to provide cable TV service two the city but that has ended and the company will abandon its former broadcasting site in South Gate.

That’s because the control of cable television channels has been taken from cities and given to the Public Utilities Commission under a state law approved in 2006.

In the past year, the city and Time Warner has been in negotiations for South Gate to continue operation of Channel 3 for educational and government programs. Former Mayor Henry Gonzalez, a staunch football fan, has been involved in the talks and especially the filming of the high school contests.

Although charging for filming the games, Time Warner will donate its broadcasting equipment, valued at $15,000, to the city along with eight hours of installation and two hours of staff training, Luna said.