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Veteran officials run in Huntington Park

HUNTINGTON PARK — Mayor Rosa Perez is seeking to retain her seat on the City Council while Andy Molina, a former councilman defeated in 2013, seeks to regain a council position.

Three seats are open as council members Mario Gomez and Ofelia Hernandez are termed out of office.

They face eight other candidates including former council member Elba Romo, Leticia Martinez, executive director of the Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce; Rudolfo Cruz, a businessman; Alex Reynoso, a civic leader and law enforcement officer; Planning Commissioner Jhonny Pineda, David Sanchez, educator and former county employee; Marilyn Sanabria and Graciela Oritz.

Perez, a resident of Huntington Park for more than 43 years, has been employed by Los AngelesCountyfor more than 40years and currentlyservesasanassistanthospital administrator at County-USCMedical Center.

First elected in 2011, Perez says she is seeking re-election because, “as a longtimeresidentof Huntington Park,IstronglybelieveI knowandunderstandwhatmycommunityneedsthemostandwill benefit fromthat.”

“Ibelieve my knowledgeofthiscommunity,combined withmyinsightandexperienceleadingthecityas acouncil memberfor thepastthreeyearsand the mayor for almostayear, makes meamostknowledgeablecandidatewith skills thatcan continuetobenefitthecity,” she added.

“I believethatrobusteconomicdevelopmentandrevitalizationisa criticalelementneeded to strengthen ourcommunity.

“Publicsafetyis alsoavitalelement. Iwillcontinuetoworkwithour policedepartment to ensurethesafetyofourresidents,businessownersandvisitors.

Molina is executive director of the nonprofit Southeast Churches Service Center and served on the City Council from 2009 to 2013.

He has been active in community volunteer programs and is an officer of the Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of Commerce.

He is former chairman and president of Latin Business Association; former president of the Huntington Park Sister Cities Association; and was Huntington Park Coordinating Council chair for the organization’s annual Thanksgiving and toy giveaway.

“For over 40 years I have been working tirelessly serving the people living in the city of Huntington Park,” he said. “I recognize that all people who live and work in the city are our most valuable resource. Our ethical, economic, and religious diversity provide us the strength that binds our community together.

“With the support of each of you and with my experience we will improve the education levels, the local business economy, public safety, enhance affordable housing and senior programs and the basic government services to make our beloved Huntington Park self-­‐reliant without the need to raise taxes, Molina said.

Other candidates failed to submit information for this profile.