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Voters elect Joe Vinatieri mayor of Whittier

WHITTIER — City Councilman Joe Vinatieri defeated colleague Owen Newcomer to be the first mayor elected by a vote of the citizenry April 12.

Vinatieri received 3,316 votes, according to unofficial results released by City Clerk Kathryn Marshall, compared to Newcomer’s 2,435 votes. It was the first municipal election since the city was divided into four City Council districts with the mayopr to be elected to a two-year term citywide. Previously, the mayor was elected from the five-member City Council.

Official results are expected by April 22, according to a city clerk’s spokesperson.

Vinatieri, an attorney, received 45.5 percent of the votes to 33.4 percent for Newcomer, a retired college professor. He has served on the City Council since 2006. Newcomer had served on the City Council since 2000.

Nick Donovan ran third in the mayor’s race with 1,098 votes, while Lisa Lopez, who did not campaign, received 136  votes.

Josue Alvarado, a marketing professional, was the top vote getter for a four-year term representing District 1 on the City Council. Alvarado received 419 votes to defeat David Gonzalez, an assistant professor of public administration, who received 364 votes.

A third District 1 candidate, Robert Canales, received 84 votes.

Mayor Pro Tem Cathy Warner had no competition for the District 3 council seat and was appointed by her council colleagues to another four-year term.

A total of 7,364 ballots were cast by the 45,816 registered voters for a turnout of 16 percent, Marshall said.

Martin Browne of the clerk’s office said the city will certify the count and add in late ballots and those sent in by mail.

Brown said Mayor Fernando Dutra and Councilman Robert Henderson will hold office until the next municipal election in April 2018.

At that time voters in Districts 2 and 4, officially elect their council representatives.

Dutra lives in District 4 and Henderson lives in District 2.