Lead Story West Edition

Waters keeps the heat on Trump

EXPOSITION PARK — For U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, the tour bashing of President Donald Trump and his policies has become a round-the-clock effort.

Waters made the latest stop of her relentless verbal assault against President Trump in front of an enthusiastic and welcoming audience at the California African American Museum July 5.

The fireworks came early and often during Waters’ speech. Nothing was left unsaid in the hour-long speech.

Waters raised the speculation bar on the possibility of electoral collusion between Russia and President Trump’s associates. She touted the current special investigation going on around the cloak-and-dagger cloud and dressed down President Trump’s cabinet picks.

While attacking President Trump with a barrage of put downs, Waters issued a call to arms for American citizens to be ready to fight for the freedoms they now enjoy.

“I want you to be strong,” Waters told the audience. “I want you to believe in yourself. I want you to fight for what is right. I want you to fight to strengthen our communities and I want you to fight to get rid of a president who doesn’t deserve to be president.”

The event, billed as “Activism Now: Maxine Waters,” drew torrents of applause throughout the night from the audience.

Much of Waters speech has been circulated before at other venues throughout her 43rd Congressional District. While the locations have changed, the subject remains the same: President Trump.

From mocking a disabled journalist out on the presidential campaign trail to his boastful sexual degradation of women, President Trump has given his critics much to talk about.

Waters is one of those lawmakers who has had a lot to say about the president’s behavior-then and now. The banter, though, seems to never get old for Waters or her constituents. That is because Waters sees President Trump as an affront to the office of the presidency.

Her message to those who reside in her district is while she is still working tirelessly on their behalf on other serious matters such as financial issues, looking at the criminal justice system and cyberbullying, she is laser-focused on getting President Trump out of the White House.

“Ladies and gentleman, whether we’re talking about his cabinet or whether we’re talking about his airline or whether we’re talking about his shameful disposition and his lying and his bullying, we’re talking about a president who not only does not deserve to be president of the United States, but he deserves, in my estimation, to be impeached.

“There are those who are scared of the word impeachment. And there are those who know he deserves to be impeached, but they’re going to stand with him because they’re not about opportunity for all.”

Waters had some choice words for her peers who are too scared to get out of their own way when it comes to impeachment talk.

“For those, even my colleagues who don’t want to hear the word impeachment, I’m saying impeach 45 every day,” Waters said.

The real legislative tussle going on in Washington, D.C. these days is the battle for health care supremacy. The Affordable Care Act, the signature bill under former President Barack Obama, is the current law of the land when it comes to health care. President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress have been examining ways of looking at ways to knock it off the nearest cliff.

The problem the Republicans have run into is two-fold. The House of Representative health care bill would leave 24 million people off the health insurance rolls, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The Senate proposed bill fared just as bad, with a projected 22 million expected to be purged from health insurance.

Waters promised the packed CAAM crowd that Obamacare will not go down without a fight.

“It shouldn’t be about Trumpcare; it should be about Obamacare,” Waters said. “This president, not only does not believe that he can be in conflicts of interest, he would like to undo the legacy of (former President) Barack Obama. He would like to undo everything he has put in place.

“You see the struggles that we’re having on health care. Under Obamacare, we were able to take care of pre-existing conditions. I want to tell you that there have been so many preventable deaths if we had had good health care, if we had good dental health care. People are dying of everything, from heart disease, from diabetes, from cancer, from HIV/AIDS.”

Waters went on to add that the Affordable Care Act made the door to health care much easier than any of the Republican plans, which threatens to do away with health insurance that millions now depend on.

“Obamacare is for everybody, no matter what the situation is,” Waters said. “The rest of the Republicans, they tried for seven years [to get rid of it] and they couldn’t do it. We fought it. And still they come back and they’re trying again. … Well, we’re going to go back to Washington and we’re going to continue this fight and we’re going to push hard because we believe that health care is a right.”