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‘What advice would you give this year’s graduates?’


‘What advice would you give this year’s graduates?’

Glenn Samuel

Leimert Park

“Keep going, continue to go to school, you need it these days. It’s kind of rough if you don’t have it. You can’t stop right there, you got to keep going.”

Ricky Bratton

The Jungle

“Once you finish high school … go back to school [to] learn something you can do … real good because there will be difficult times ahead.”

Angela Echols


“Please stay in school and get your education. Because that’s the only thing that’s gonna get you through life, is education.” 

Tamela Richardson


“Follow your dreams, be your own leader, don’t be a follower and always go for the gusto.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon at Imperial Gardens in the Crenshaw District.