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‘What are your thoughts on the abortion issue?’


Swati Swan


“I don’t approve of the ban. … The woman should be able to make her own choice. She’s clearly doing it for a reason.”

Newella Rosemond

Los Angeles

“The ban is a horrible idea. Women should be able to choose whatever they want with their bodies. The people … who passed this law aren’t even women so how is it they get to decide on what women get to do.”

Abdul Rahmaan

Los Angeles

“All life is precious. Anytime an embryo or fetus is registered as a life, that life should be sustained. It’s a life with a heartbeat. That life should have a chance to experience life.”

Gerald Bennett

Los Angeles

“Women should be able to decide and make the choice for themselves. A woman knows what she needs to do and make that decision based on what’s better for herself and her family.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.