Opinion Street Beat

‘What can be done to reduce the risk of wildfires?’


Josh Hill

Los Angeles

“I think there’s an overall water management crisis and I think [that] the clear cutting that goes on doesn’t help either. Any time you clear cut you’re going to leave more brush, which is eventually going to cause more wildfires.” 

Abram Mendoza


 “Add more firefighters. … There’s so many people willing to be out there and volunteers can help turn off those fires. There’s people that want to be firefighters. … Let people help.” 

Angel Hoya

Orlando, Florida

“Stay in designated areas, don’t throw your cigarettes in the woods and take care of this earth.”



“[Don’t] bring matches and lighters to the forest and try to prevent inappropriate use of fire.”

D Nice

Los Angeles

“In my opinion I think that … not only Los Angeles, but California, can prevent a lot of wildfires by having pre-wildfire meetings within all of the departments.”

Jack Hayden


“I think they should help bring a bit more education with the younger people … and maybe more enforcements, like watching over the areas to make sure certain things aren’t happening like people smoking, lighting fires on their camping site, stuff like that.” 

Compiled by Ashley Orona in Hollywood.