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What concerns you the most about climate change?

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Chuck Freeman

Los Angeles 

“The fact that they don’t want to admit that it actually exists. We have severe weather, more flooding and hurricanes coming more often. Tornadoes are getting bigger and hitting multiple states.  The temperature is 100 today and 60 tomorrow. It’s a concern.”

Joanita Wingfield

Los Angeles 

“It’s overly hot and at nighttime it gets so cold. When is it going to get on track?”

Beverly R. 

Los Angeles

“God controls everything including the weather. It is out of our control, we can pray. God is in control and I do not believe in climate change.”

Dreece Copeland

Los Angeles 

“The food we eat is affected vastly. And, the people’s energy and vibes are affected by the environmental change.”

Complied By Kristina Dixon at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.