Culver City Edition Local News Opinion Street Beat West Edition

‘What could the city do to improve your neighborhood?’


Earl Martin

Los Angeles

“Apartments need more upkeep. The landlords are slow on cutting the grass and fixing plumbing. And if you want to request your apartment needs painting, it takes forever.”

Heaven Crouch

Los Angeles 

“There should be more policing to stop the high crime rate and guns need to be taken away.”

Debra Ruffin

Los Angeles 

“Bring back our supermarkets. Stop building and make the housing affordable. That’s why we have people on the streets.”

Vernell Sexton

Los Angeles 

“They can offer more programs to the kids. When I grew up there were a lot more educational and skill programs. There is nothing to offer them now.” 

Bear Gipson

Los Angeles 

“They need to fix the police brutality. They harass us.”

Jasmine Sexton

Los Angeles 

“Taxes are going to the government to build on Crenshaw. Those taxes needs to go to people who need shelter.”

Judith Patterson

Los Angeles 

“We need to open a soup kitchen for the homeless. We need food to survive. People are dying on the streets.”

Sheryl Brooks-Nash 

Los Angeles 

“We can start with more quality restaurants and retail establishments. … There seems to be a problem with our leadership here getting development up and going in this neighborhood.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.