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‘What do you think of the Los Angeles teachers’ strike?’


Kyndahl Carter

Los Angeles

“I believe that it’s good for people to fight for what they believe in. So if the teachers feel that something is not up to par, then it is right for them to strike.”

Melanie Jefferson

Los Angeles

“I think it’s a good thing but it’s useless because the [school] board is going to do what it wants to do. I’m a retired teacher. … They shouldn’t have 40 kids in a class, but the teachers are the last people they consider.”

Kimberly Davis


“It’s necessary, but it’s a catch 22. Teachers need to learn how to teach children. They’re getting paid, but they’re not teaching our children. … If they don’t do their job right, they should either get fired or be placed on probation.”

Brian McCullin 

Los Angeles

“I think the strike is important because we need education in Los Angeles schools. I know if it wasn’t for my teachers, I wouldn’t have had rules and respect for the community.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon and Pluria Marshall III at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.