Opinion Street Beat

‘What has been your biggest challenge during the quarantine?’


Rachel Gregs

Culver City

“I personally do not feel that the quarantine is difficult. People are dying. … Yes, we’re isolated, and we’re bored, but we have to think about others, not just ourselves.”

Alma Collins

Culver City

“Separation between me and my family. My family lives out of state and if it wasn’t for quarantine, I would have celebrated my granddaughter’s birthday. … I might have spent Mother’s Day with my daughter.”

Leon Humphreys

Culver City

“Maintaining energy and keep from getting fat.”

Tyron Houston


The boredom. There’s no games on TV. Can’t go out. Can’t hang out. Same thing every day. Everything’s just stopped and we don’t know how long this is gonna be for. So just trying to maintain and not go crazy.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Fox Hills Park in Culver City.