Opinion Street Beat

‘What is the best way to thank veterans for their service?’


Chuck Brooks

“Thank them when you see them. Thank your family members that have been in the service. Make sure you call them and text them.”

Darlene Gatlin

“When they are sick, having resources that really help them. My companion is a veteran … and we’re struggling like crazy. We’ve lost about $1,000 or more of our income and are about to be evicted. More support, better housing, better means to get housing.”

Eric Ozuna

Provide them with a lot more psychiatric help. Many of them suffer from PTSD when they come back from service.” 

Griselda Solache

“I think more than anything have respect for them because they have done a lot with their lives. Recognize they have done a lot for society.”

Compiled by Ashley Orona on Koreatown.