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STREET BEAT: ‘What issues on the Nov. 6 ballot most concern you?

Andreis Emmanuel

Los Angeles

“I’m looking at Prop. 10, the rent control. It doesn’t even say you have to have rent control, it just opens the doors to thinking a little more about it. That’s interesting to me.”

Catherine Ahluwalia

Studio City

“Proposition 10. … Because in the future … it may very well affect the housing and building of homes … for people that are homeless…”

Arthur Wilson

Los Angeles

“We need more justice, teachers need more money, we need better officers … a lot of homeless people out here need help.”

Alexander Nicosia


“Affordable housing because it has many different aspects of it … increase of wages should definitely be on that ballot or be spoken on.”

Tony Safarian

“Affordable housing is important because if they don’t do something then people who have homes themselves, [landlords] are just going to keep raising prices … there needs to be some regulation on that.”

Compiled by Dorany Pineda and Pluria Marshall III in Koreatown.