Opinion Street Beat

‘What would you do with a government stimulus check?’


Ade Neff

Los Angeles

“Considering we don’t know how long the crisis is going to go on, I’d save it and try to hold on to it as long as I can until this clears up.”

Michael W.


“I’d pay off one of my credit card bills. Just one of them because that’s all I’d be able to pay off with that amount.”

Quinton Johnson

Los Angeles

“I’m looking for a new place, so I would put it towards a deposit on an apartment.” 

Kristian S.


“I work with my hands. I’m a craftsman and a musician, so I would go to the hardware store and buy some tools.  With the remaining, I’d probably try to buy a bucket.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson in Leimert Park Village.