X-Ray Images of MMA Fighter’s Skull Circulate the Web After Knockout

X-ray technology can be used for powerful applications. For instance, 3D X-rays can detect small defects, holes, cracks, and even porosities in casements. They can also be used to examine the damage inflicted to the human skull. An example of the latter went viral this past weekend after a mixed martial arts fighter’s head X-rays were leaked to the online community.

After Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos was knocked out by Micheal “Venom” Page in London on Saturday night, the gruesome x-ray of his dented skull was heavily circulated online.

Cristaine Justino, Santos’s ex-wife, posted the picture of the X-ray image, along with a picture of Santos’s face. A visible dent marked the middle of his forehead, corresponding with the extensive network of fractures visible in the X-ray. He also had injuries to his nose.

The injuries were caused when Page knocked out Santos with a flying knee to the head at Bellator 158. Apparently, it was diagnosed as a compound fracture to the front of his skull.

“Cyborg is still in the hospital in the U.K., and they are not sure when he will be able to fly again,” Justino wrote in the Instagram caption of the image of the X-ray.

According to Justino, Santos is lucky to even be alive: “The doctor said the injury very easily could have been life threatening.”

Fans and admirers from all over the world, as well as, no doubt, several people who saw the graphic image, have flocked in support of the legendary fighter. Justino set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his medical expenses, which has already reached $19,874 of it’s $20,000 goal.